NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

ARC 2012

Photo: NASA Ames Research Center

255The ALS team provides comprehensive Logistics and fleet management services at the Ames Research Center. Our personnel provide supply, equipment, property management and janitorial services which includes single stream recycling. Additionally ALS provides motor vehicle and special purpose motorized vehicle services including fuel station management for a fleet that includes unleaded gasoline, diesel, and electric powered vehicles. Our staff also offers documentation and reproduction services, graphics and web design, and full service mail and logistics services including shipping, receiving, re-distribution, and warehousing. Our team is fully certified to handle heavy cargo and hazardous materials transportation, and provides x-ray inspections. ALS personnel offer business office support and development for Ames Research Center resident agencies in addition to providing management and support for the 13,000 ft2 conference center.

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